Pretending to Look the Other Way

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff's Blog

Compulsive word addict. I must write every day or I get the DTs. This is why I make my living as a writer. It hurts not to write.

Other important things about me:

I am a Baha'i (that's my faith). I am married to my musical partner, Jeff Vader All Powerful God of Biscuits, and we co-own Mystic Fig Studios -- an independent record label. I am the mother of Alex, Avery and Amanda. I am a singer who sometimes plays the guitar and various rhythm instruments on the CDs that Jeff compulsively records.

I am the author of six fantasy novels and a lot of short fiction of several science fiction and fantasy sub-genres that has been published in Analog, Amazing Stories, Interzone, Realms of Fantasy and other magazines.

I think singing is like flying and writing is like doing barrel rolls in an airplane.

I prefer cheese to chocolate. I think Cambridge, England is the most beautiful city I've ever seen.